Pandemic Pivoting

No matter how you look at the pandemic and what it has done to the world, national and local economy... your focus is - as it should be - on your industry and your business, and trying to make a profit.

In many ways (from closures, to supply and demand) the pandemic has made every industry more competitive. AND if there's any up side to this, it's that there are more opportunities to be agile, diversify, and be creative in your approach to your business.

Identifying what you can do differently to keep money flowing is not a simple process - but one that should involve as many heads as possible from within your business to narrow down what can be done.

Part of that is to stay connected with your core customer base; What is that they want - and how can you deliver it better than anyone else.

From using your customer databases (or if you don't have that - look through your old invoices and list your old customers) then, by messaging them saying "you are still open, and when they are ready - you will be there for them... and by the way - we are now also doing this..."

Sending them multiple messages either directly, or indirectly through advertising means that they will get the message, and others who may not even know you - will also get that message.

If you are doing something different, make sure you tell people - shout it from the roof-tops - use it in your advertising and let people know because they might not necessarily think of you when they want that new product or service you have.

Also, make sure your website reflects some of this new direction too - it's something that most people forget to do. Websites are often one of the last things that people change - it should be your first because it helps with search engine optimisation, converting new customers, and helping to build in your regular customers minds the fact that you can deliver what you promise, even with new products or services.

By focussing on website content first, then your messages going out next - you are building your content online and are in-front of your industry trends. Remember that INFORMATION is the currency of the internet. If you are out there first - you win!

Also using social media will let those on there know (but remember... not everyone uses social media, and you should be able to tell how much reach you will get with that message), engaging those on social media might be a good start - but by no means is it going to be the be all and end all of your messaging.

You could put together a short You-Tube video (shot on your phone) explaining what you are doing now, doing differently and even the people and processes you use in your business - you might even uncover a star staff member!

The important thing is to communicate, and to do it regularly with existing and prospective clients. Keep the momentum going. Even if that means doing things slightly out of your comfort zone - I've had one customer of our reach out once a week via a zoom call to keep me up to date with what is happening with them. It makes me feel like they value my time and me. So I highly recommend this!

The next thing that you should consider, is to watch your competitors - like a hawk!
See what they are doing, and, not necessarily copying them, but seeing if something similar might work for you too.

But the singular, most important thing you should do during and after this pandemic is over - is to - concentrate on profit.

Sure it's okay to give away information, and to show your processes - but unless you are making that all work for you and return in a profit - then it's not worth doing.

Now, I don't mean you should charge people to find out more - but if you sell an e-book about what you do, or did to get where you are might help with some small returns on the investment of your time. You might even find that you can re-purpose some of your material either on-line or in the business itself and make money from that.

My final tip - is to empathise with your customers about what they have been through.

Everyone has had a hard time - from businesses to individuals. 

People are not one dimensional data on a spreadsheet. They have feelings, and have lives above and beyond what your product or service can deliver to them. Connect with them, empathize with them and you will build a stronger connection.

They will in turn connect with you and make you stronger in the long term.

Above all - stay safe.

See you next time.


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