Thinking Its Time For A Change?

Don’t be afraid to keep reinventing yourself.

The original Star Trek series back in the 1960s ran its course on television before reaching the big screen in feature films. Some good, some - not so much.

There was the cartoon series next. That was okay, but very 'kid' friendly.

Then the next generation began — with Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, Deep Space Nine, then (my favourite after the original series) was Voyager with female Captain Janeway, then Captain Archer took us back to before Kirk.

We then had the reimagining of young Kirk and Spock on a new time-line in the hit 2009 movie and it's sequel.

And then followed up with the new series of Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek-Strange New Worlds.

One product, so very many variations. But why does it work?

The team behind the franchise sees a changing public with different needs, different expectations, and different points of view.

They create something that they hope meets the demand.

And we as individuals must keep on doing the same and reinventing ourselves.

Sometimes it is a subtle shift, other times a total change of direction. The golden rule of Star Trek, though, is... give them what they want. 

To do this for your business you need to do 4 things - Listen to your customers, Watch what they do - where they are headed and what they are doing, Anticipate their next move to get there first, and React - put a plan into action and surprise and delight them with the results.

Most importantly you keep on delivering the true version of yourself, but change up the dressing, how you are presented and how you are represented. That way your own personal and business brand will be in demand.

Being switched on like this will always keep you steps ahead of your competitors. 

Take time today and look at where your business currently is...
 How can I do this differently?
 Do I need to update my business look/my selling techniques/my products/my service/my website?
 What excites people today? Am I in that field? Can I take advantage of that?
 How fast should I move? Start planning now!

Until next time - live long, and prosper.

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