Tracking Any Advertising Investment

A very common comment I often hear from clients is: "I CAN’T TRACK MY RADIO ADVERTISING!"

Their argument is that they can track their advertising on Facebook (not recently!) and Google, so why can't I do it on radio (you might also add why can't I track it on TV in newspapers, on: posters, flyers, letterbox drops, business cards, car signage, business signage, staff uniforms... etc)

But, in all advertising and marketing (not just radio) you should ask yourself: “How will I measure this investment?”

Once you’ve determined what you will consider a successful campaign is, and conversely is not, you’ll know what metrics to track/measure to get you there.

There are seven I can think of off the top of my head.

They are:
1. Gross revenue compared to the previous year
2. Website visits
3. New customers
4. More signups to your e-mail list
5. Sales of an individual product
6. Queries about products or services
7. Number of people through your door for an event.

Again, those are just a few... whichever one you choose, make sure your message is consistent with the goal.

For example, if you’re tracking new customers, then your call to action in your ads might not be to visit your website for more information. Unless that offer is only available through the website. But instead it could be just through the number of products sold, or particular service you have an increase in bookings for.

All advertising is an investment, and like any investment you should track it's success.
But you need to make sure you are:
1 - Making an offer that will make people want to interact with your business.
2 - Tracking the right thing (eg: where they heard the offer).
3 - Analyse the results and compare them to what you are tracking!

If you want some more details, email me directly through my normal email address and I will give you access in a later post to a form you can use to track your advertising.

Remember: every commercial, every piece of advertising should only ever have ONE core message in it - see our previous post HERE about that one thing.


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