Understanding The Buying Habits Of Your Customers …Or… The Mattress Buying Cycle!

I was reading some info given to me by a client recently for their new campaign (it was put out by the peak ‘sleep product’ professional body) focussing on their latest comprehensive survey about the mattress buying habits of people. I found it an amazingly interesting read (but hey! I'm a data nut!).

Their survey showed that they REALLY know their customers. And that they are constantly probing them to find out more.

Don’t believe me…: It used to be said that… “Buying habits of customers change, and if you only have 3 days to make an impact on a client who is only buying once every 15 years…”
* But that 15-year time frame has now compressed. In 2007, it was just over 10 years, in 2016 it is once every 9 years. Now, in 2021, it is expected that the average customer is looking to buy a mattress is closer to 7 years. But buyers also want a product that will last at least 10 before it needs replacing. This means that consumers can take advantage of technological advancements, better comfort and more choices as their bodies change and they age if they buy more frequently.
* And they expect the price… to be higher than last time. In-fact significantly more than last time.

So what did I get from this?

I thought the data was an interesting insight into consumers minds, in an industry where I didn't know they did such a deep dive in their customers.

The survey data also included buying habits of men, women, their ages, their source of information about what they want to buy. Their research process before they seek to buy a mattress, the importance of ‘hands on’ in-store rather than online, and more… so much more!

What does this mean for you?

They know their customers really well. By constantly, and continuously surveying them… they learn more, can target better, and provide a better service – giving them return customers. So... your industry should do the same too!

How did they survey?

They did surveys online through their websites, social media and through online competitions. PLUS: in-person questionnaires, in-store with people looking to buy mattresses.

(It is very easy to set up your own online survey and I personally recommend www.freeonlinesurveys.com as they are very good. Read their tees and cees and start your own online survey today to find out more about your customers and their buying habits. Most free surveys are 14 days long on the site, you can pay for extras, and the cost is worth it in my opinion.)

The take-away from all of this?

If you owned a mattress store, then you had better be advertising all the time to catch customers, when they are ready to buy. And that means, not just advertising at traditional times, but all the time! Remember: Buying cycles have changed and changed a lot.

If you don’t own a mattress store… then you should either look for data specifically about customers in your industry and their buying habits, and if that data doesn’t exist, then do it yourself. And then adjust your advertising to suit the buying habits of your customers - target them, and the results will amaze you.

Then call us and start advertising! Cheers. Sleep well.


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