Using Clichés in your Ad? Please - DON'T!

Is your business really the ‘one stop shop’ for everything mechanical? Really?

Avoid Clichés in Your Radio Ads - South Seas BroadcastingWhat about... see us ‘for all your BLANK needs’?

And the same goes for ‘<COMPANY NAME> can help!’ well good, that’s why you are in business isn’t it?

Or… ‘There’s never been a better time to…’ so what, has every time before now been the worst time to buy from you?

‘Conveniently located’ ...OKAY... so since when has a business been inconveniently located?

‘Locally owned and operated’ or ‘family owned and operated’ I’m sorry, but personally, I don’t care. Saying that doesn’t make me want to shop with you, unless your service and price is what I am prepared to pay for, or it’s a secret family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, in which case then yes I will.

The worse offender in my books is… “Friendly and knowledgeable staff” I would hope so, but the fact that you have to say it means that they aren’t like that at all.

As COVID-19 Continues, Face Masks Become a Status Symbol - Rolling StoneAnd if you don’t think that these are bad, then what about these ones:

‘In these unprecedented times…”

‘Now more than ever’


‘The New Normal’

“We’re all doing our part”

During the pandemic the use of these became an epidemic in themselves – and every single ad seemed to use them, they turned listeners off in droves.

Don’t ask for the mundane or boring in your next radio script.

Instead: be creative, use unexpected words and squirrels to get listeners listening out for your commercial.

Save the clichés for your print ads – if you must have them at all in any advertising.

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