What is a CALL TO ACTION ad?

So you want to let people know about something that is happening in your business...
What is the best way to do it?

In my opinion I would do it on radio (and I am not just saying that because I work in radio either).

From branding your business to event specific calls to action and even recruitment - I would do it all on radio.

A decade or more ago, you might have turned to newspaper, 5 years ago you might have gone to social media, but now - we know that more people are listening to the radio than ever before - and as a result - that's where you should advertise... to get the results you are after.

Let's look at something specific and see if I can convince you:

So... Your business needs more staff. A decade ago you would have put an ad in the Situations Vacant part of the newspaper. Maybe you might have tried to use a Recruitment Service. But today there are hundreds of job search websites. Amongst them are those for specific industries, some are for specific income brackets and everything else in between.

So if you list with a either the newspaper or a jobs website - you are only reaching candidates who are actually looking for work in that medium - in essence you have narrowed down your audience down to the current unemployment rate - and I will be generous and say that it is 3.9% according to current W.A. State Government statistics (HERE) - the Peel Region's number is actually 7.4% (HERE). Which is a very small percentage of the entire population of W.A. and the Peel Region respectively.

By doing a CALL TO ACTION radio campaign advertising that you are looking for staff - you'll be reaching everyone who listens to us (most of the time you will run ads across both of our main stations, but you do also have the option of our DAB+ only station KIX COUNTRY SOUTH WEST).

AND: Reaching everyone is powerful tool. Instead of only talking to those who are looking for a job, you also reach those who are already gainfully employed, and, they may be persuaded to switch careers if the right job comes along.

Remember: Although someone may not be actively looking, it doesn't mean they’re not interested in a career change either.

That's because the majority of the time... The best workers are already working. Yes, there are those out there who fell upon hard times and lost their job for whatever reason (curse you Covid-19). But, by and large, the best candidates for your job opening are already employed and doing a great job for their current employer. 

Wouldn’t you love the chance to talk to them and convince them to join your business?

Radio can do that. Not only will you reach those who are in need, but you’ll also reach those who aren’t but could be swayed by your compelling offer.

Before you jump in head first and run your next recruitment campaign on the radio, here are some things you should consider...

Stick with one job opening per ad. Radio works best when you have a single idea, concept or product you talk about in one ad. Choose one of your job openings and tell the listeners the benefits of the job and why working for your company would be the best decision they ever made. If you have multiple openings... create separate ads for each, or prioritize them by order of importance.

Avoid lists of qualifications. It can be easy to take a newspaper listing and turn it into a radio script (but just try doing it the other way!). Listing out qualifications you are after and required experience is boring to listen to. Find a way to say those things creatively. Make the job sound fun and exciting, get listeners eager to apply. Don’t worry, we can do that when we write the copy for you.

Have a clear call-to-action. When listeners want to apply for your job, your ad should give them a clear place to do it. It’s hard to remember email addresses or phone numbers, so get them visit your website to apply. Setup a landing page for the job and have the user go there. Use an easy to remember URL name like mywebsite.com/apply.

And that's it - for a staff recruitment ad - but the best thing is - all of this can be reflected in a CALL TO ACTION campaign for anything.

Have a sale? C.T.A.
Having an event? C.T.A.
Got a time sensitive offer? C.T.A.

And the same tips apply - one message per ad, avoid the details (make your ad sound exciting and fun to get people interested), and have a clear call to action - call now - visit our website or come in and get involved with (etc).

If you want to know more, we have a FREE download of our e-book "What is a Call To Action Ad" and "What is a Branding Ad" - simply click on the names to download and read them when you are free.

Until next time - stay safe!


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