Who Is The REAL Competitor In Your Category?

While large national business' such as take-away food chains each spend a small fortune on marketing and advertising their products... Small business' such as Fish & chip shops feel they can't compete against them... or can they?

It's all a matter of perspective.

Because the great and perhaps biggest strength is something that all small business owners have, it's that you are the actual owner of the business and therefore... you care passionately about the end product and the opinion of your customers, because it will effect your bottom line.

While there is no central body to finance and organize the marketing, promotion and advertising of small business' such as fish & chip shops on a national scale (that I am aware of) business owners must in today's competitive world, stop looking at the other business' in their category as competitors too.

In the example of the Fish and Chip shop, YOUR COMPETITOR is NOT the other fish & chip shop just down the road… 
YOUR REAL COMPETITOR is the Hungry Jacks, Subway, McDonalds or K.F.C. just around the corner from you.

The best way to combat your competitor then is by using your strengths as your core message in your advertising, and targeting your real competitor.

The best way to do this is (BLATANT SALES PITCH WARNING!!) with radio advertising!

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This post was written for the B4C by Earl Pilkington

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