Why Do We Use Music In Ads?

Music, whether it is sparking action, selling the emotion, or creating a story, it is the undeniable factor that helps to reinforce a business brands message.

And because brands also try to align themselves with an audience they want to represent, they want to make sure that the music AND the message are both on target.

That’s why you hear gritty, electronic music in commercials geared towards a younger audience and more traditional, pleasant music in commercials that are for more mature audiences.

Here's a chart showing musical differences for different audiences (yes it's from 2014, but the information is still relevant - the article is HERE if you want to read the full article)...

This is how music can help to reinforce a sale inquiry, AND, reinforce the brand and it's match to the customer.

The music used helps to set the tone for the audience being reached and sells the experience of what the brand wants to align with.

Without the music, commercials would fall short of their possible reach to customers.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule (cold commercials with no music stand out because they have something different about them - they have no music!)

That being said, music also provides that catchiness; an undeniable tune that forces you to remember the brand, whether you like it or not.

From buying the rights to use a popular song (and yes - you have to pay to use a song, and yes it can be very, very expensive) through to using production music such as a sound-a-like music bed, or in the style of music bed. 

It all helps to capture the subconscious minds attention, to make you pay attention, and Jingles are an especially important part of this - in fact, we will cover this in a couple of weeks time with a post all about Jingles - so look out for that one.

A Jingle can sometimes act like an earworm (a piece of music that gets stuck in peoples minds, especially if the lyrics AND music are catchy) and people can still remember it, and sing it many years later.

Whether it’s a popular song, production music, an original score or a catchy jingle, music is a way to make your brand advertising an experience.

The next time you’re listening to the radio, watching TV, or even if you are at the movies, pay attention to the commercials that are shown and see how you react when the music turns on.

You’re guaranteed to feel something, or connect in one way or another as the brands try to win you over using music as their calling card.


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