WOW Your Customers RIGHT NOW!

This WOW Factor is well worth the time then to tell everyone about it!

After all real head-turning, jaw-dropping, impressive, memorable and engaging service/people/products and even processes from within business' can't be easy to accomplish. 

So, while I step up to my high horse, and start to climb into the saddle, here are a few suggestions to get the WOW Factor in your business.

It's easy to give your customers a taste of the WOW FACTOR 

  1. Take the Lead: Innovate new products and services certainly get my attention. As do added or improved features and benefits. Expanding your knowledge and use of technology do to. As is being the first to market something new and different in the area. Then the advertiser in me jumps in and I really like business' which disturb the status quo and really do things differently. They then set the de facto standard, becoming the absolute best-in-class. Plus, any business which introduces the next big thing will get my attention every time. Then, being able to differentiate yourself from competitors and make/tell everyone so they take notice will help and make you dominate your industry and your target market. Then, and only then will you become such a huge stand out, that you will WOW me! The same-old, same-old will do nothing to make me look twice at you. 
  2. Become the “Best Deal” Not Only In Town...: If you make your products, your services, or your customer experience easier, better, faster or cheaper than your closest competition, or any competition, then you will win business every time! By providing superior quality or superior workmanship, or say the fastest delivery time, or the widest selection of products, or even a legitimate price advantage, that will bring you to the front of the line, every-time! Then, throw in exceptional value, the most convenience, or best guarantee/warranty and you have my money! Your entire business is your product, from the windows, to the front of store, your advertising, marketing, websites, staff uniforms, EVERYTHING! Your business must shine throughout. And; When it does, YOU will automatically become the “best deal"!
  3. Dazzle Every One of their Senses: This one can be hard to pin down, but I will give it a try... By creating a strong marketing “sensory package” you will be able to engage the multiple senses of your customers (that's their sight, sound, smell, touch, taste). Therefore, your business becomes a customer magnet. Where people know they can go for engaging, fun, entertaining, motivational and consistent products and services. By also telling relevant humorous or inspirational stories to your staff and customers, you build rapport, by teasing or arousing curiosity of the story behind a product or service, you build followers. If you champion a cause tell people. By offering this new vision you will become a distinctive, thought provoking, dramatic, or even controversial figure in the business community. If you really do razzle-dazzle your customers you will get inside their heads and hearts! Building loyalty.
  4. Offer Overwhelming Proof: It is a well known fact that a customer will buy, if you take away all doubt about the value or your product or service. Doing this through the provision of testimonials or eye-opening case studies, or enthusiastic reviews, demonstrations, samples, or no-risk guarantees; will all help you to close the sale. By providing statements from previous customers, facts, or statistics to prove your claims, then when your WOW FACTOR even bigger. Especially when you also supply more interesting, shocking, surprising, and compelling your facts and figures that continue to grow with your company - this is not a one off exercise, it is on-going. Make your case so convincing that the customer’s decision to buy from you is going to be a no-brainer, and you can prove it!
  5. Impress them with You and Your Staff's Exceptional Know-how: By showing any prospective customer that you and your staff (at all levels) is prepared, has knowledge, expertise and professionalism on their side, then that will produce immediate confidence with those customers. People want to do business with those people they trust, those who take the time to inform them, to teach them, or take them by the hand and show them exactly what to do. By becoming the best resource available to solve their big problem you will take away their worry's or frustration's, and, make their task easier. By lightening their burdens, solving their problems, you have not only encouraged and reassured your customers that they have come to the right place, but they will trust you, and return!.
  6. Give Killer Customer Care: The final step now; Provide a fast resolution to any customer problems. This is HUGE! By going that extra mile to make them feel as if their problem is of prime concern to you, and by exhibiting a high degree of fairness and integrity. You will be giving them the most value you can for every single dollar the customer spends with you. You could, and can create a system around dealing with complaints, but, the biggest one I can recommend to any business owner is: Allow staff to solve problems, WITHOUT coming to you for approval! First and foremost, deliver on your original sales promise to a customer, and exceed those expectations if and wherever possible. Try to continually seek ways to surprise and delight your customers, and you will win them back time and time again!

Is there any other way to provide that WOW FACTOR?
WOW Factoring your business can only be done through training, preparedness and creating systems and steps for people to proceed through in order to achieve the goals you want - but you need to set up those goal posts first, and let everyone know what they are, where they are, and what they look like.

Really; There is no other way!  

So, go ahead and apply some of the suggestions above to try to boost your business, I am sure that even one idea may change the way that customers view your business, two or more, and your business will grow, a whole lot of them, and you will have accomplished a WOW FACTOR business that I will want to discover!

This post was written by Earl Pilkington for the B4C while riding a horse - that's why there are so many typos! STEADY TRIGGER!

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