MPS Tree Services

Phone Number: 0472 513 368
Address: Mandurah, Mandurah, 6210

MPS Tree Services is one of the leading tree removal and trimming companies operating in the Peel and Murray regions. With a team of experienced climbers and licensed crane operators, we can provide a complete range of arborist services.

We specialise in tight access tree removal & stump grinding. Even if your property has a high tree density or minimal access for heavy machinery, we still have the skills and tools required to provide our services quickly and effectively.

While having access to cranes is important for tree removal, having a dedicated climber on site at all times is essential, especially for homes with limited access to heavy machinery or areas dense with trees that only a seasoned climber can reliably reach. Having dedicated climbers as part of the MPS team sets us apart from the competition.

From tree removal and block clearing to simple tree pruning and hedging, the team at MPS Tree Services can help. For professional tree cutting services who really go the extra mile, look no further than MPS Tree Services.

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