Beach warning for local dog owners

PIC: Colin Brown

The City of Rockingham is warning dog owners to keep alert when visiting beaches with their furry friends after a potentially dangerous water creature was discovered at a local beach.

The City of Rockingham said a Sea Hare was recently spotted at Secret Harbour beach and now they're urging dog owners to be on the lookout for the creatures.

Sea Hares can be toxic to dogs that lick, consume or come into contact with them.

Symptoms can include seizures, vomiting, muscle spasms and even death.

Sea Hares are in the sea slug family, they can be identified by their soft body and large 'wings', measure up to 60cm long and can be brown, black or purple in colour. 

The easiest tell-sign of a sea hare is the purple ink they release when under threat.

It is not uncommon to see the creatures on West Australian beaches during their mating season between January and April.

The City said dog owners are advised that if they come across a sea hare to keep their pets away and to report it to the City’s Customer Service on 9528 0333.

If you believe that your dog has been affected seek advice from your nearest vet as soon as possible.




PIC: City of Rockingham. 

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