Collie the proposed location of nuclear power plant under Dutton government

Concept design of a small modular reactor. PIC: Peter Dutton/X

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has announced the Muja Power Station near Collie will be the preferred site of a nuclear power plant if his government is elected in next year's federal election.

Mr Dutton has revealed a total of seven nuclear power station sites across the country that will be on retiring or retired coal sites.

This includes two in Queensland and New South Wales and one in South Australia, Victoria and WA.

The Collie site and another in South Australia have been flagged to host small modular reactors while the others are potential sites for larger nuclear power stations.

"Labor is stuck in the past, and like most of their policies, it is not forward-thinking, and you are suffering because of it. The Coalition will not make the same mistake," Mr Dutton said in a statement.

"I announced today that a future Federal Coalition government will introduce zero-emissions nuclear energy in Australia to work in partnership with renewable energy and gas as part of a balanced energy mix.

"Our plan will deliver net-zero electricity by 2050, lower power bills and a strong and resilient economy."

Under the proposed plan, the first two nuclear power plants would be up and running between 2035 and 2037 while all seven would be finished before 2050.

A cost of the plants has not yet been revealed.



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