K9 Dog Rescue facing closure over rising financial pressures

PICS: K9 Rescue Group

A dog rescue group near Mandurah say they may be forced to close their doors unless they get the funding they need to continue operating.

K9 Rescue Group have been rehoming dogs in the Peel region since 1990, but say with adoptions at an all-time low, surrenders at an all-time high and vet costs, their finances have taken a huge hit.

The non-for-profit group are calling on monetary donations to help cover the rising cost of vet fees, which are expected to reach over $112,000 by the end of June.

K9 Rescue Treasurer Graham Carter said their situation is dire and is pleading for the community's help.

"We pretty much have five months left of funding before we need to take more drastic measures," he said. 

"Every time a dog is surrendered to us we immediately get them out for a vet check, typically they are in need of treatment, urgent treatment sometimes that treatment is expensive.

"We spend a lot of money and time rehabilitating, ie. vet costs, food costs and keeping them in the shelter and of course we like to get them rehomed as soon as possible so that dog can have a better lifestyle."

Mr Carter said if they don't get the funding they need, K9 Rescue Group could be no more.

"It would mean K9 Dog Rescue after 35 years would have to close," he said.

"It would obviously fall into the hands of an administrator who will then look at options to keep the rescue alive but we don't know what shape that takes or if it does in fact take a shape.

"What's very sad is that we've only just increased our capacity to 40 dogs and we're still finding we're getting up to 10 to 12 surrender (applications) per day.

"It's really important the community get behind this, particularly our community business leaders because I think they can make the difference as to whether or not K9 gets another 35 years in the Peel community." 

K9 Rescue Group (Inc.) have created a bank account which will be used only for veterinary fees:

Bendigo Bank
BSB:       633-000                                                 
Acct:      215734559    

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.


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