Liberals to back Baldivis MP vape agenda

PIC: Aaron Stonehouse

The Liberal Democrat, and Western Australia's vaping poster boy, has welcomed the Liberals support.

The Member for South Metro, Aaron Stonehouse MLC, said he was glad the Western Australian Liberal Party was throwing its support behind his campaign to legalise vaping.

Mr Stonehouse, who is also the official spokesperson for the Legalise Vaping Australia WA campaign, has been outspoken on the issue of legalising the use and sale of nicotine in e-cigarettes. 

“It’s been a bit of a slow burn from the Libs, but I’m stoked that they’ve rediscovered some of their traditional liberal values, and have voted to back the legalisation of vaping here in Western Australia,” Mr Stonehouse said.  

“The campaign has gathered a healthy momentum in recent weeks, and it’s great to see the Opposition recognising that fact, and climbing aboard."

The WA Liberal Party voted 76 to 56 in favour of legalising the sale of nicotine for use in vaping devices, as welcoming the associated technology as a method to help Western Australians quit smoking, during the party's state conference on Sunday.

“Legalising nicotine in e-cigarettes would be a great step towards weening people off of tobacco, in favour of healthier options,” Mr Stonehouse said.

“And although their motion didn’t reference it directly, I presume the Liberals will also back our calls to amend the law to allow the over-the-counter sale of vaping devices.  The law here in WA as it relates to vaping is a mess, and needs to be addressed in a number of areas as a matter of urgency.

“I’m a big-tent sort of a guy, and I welcome the support of anyone who favours freedom of choice, and individual liberty.  

"As such, I look forward to working alongside our new friends in the WA Liberals to make vaping legally available across the State as soon as possible.”



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