Mandurah landowner fined $20K for illegally clearing trees, vegetation from property

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The City of Mandurah is remining landowners to check the rules before clearing trees and vegetation from their properties after the successful prosecution of a local resident.

The warning comes after a landowner was recently fined $20,000 for not seeking the City's permission before clearing trees and vegetation from their property. 

The City has 'Tree Preservation Areas' as part of their efforts to protect the natural environment.

"This scheme is not limited to City-owned trees. Trees in your backyard are a key part of our environment and contribute to local biodiversity and our sense of place," the City of Mandurah website read.

"To nurture and grow our canopy throughout the city, permission must be sought from the City for any works in these areas. The topping, lopping, removing, pruning, transplanting, filling or excavating around, injuring, or destruction of any bushland or tree(s), with a height greater than 3 metres is prohibited in these areas without permission from the City." 

Mandurah Chief Executive Officer Casey Mihovilovich said specific local laws around tree preservation was another way the City worked to protect the environment. 

“We take a proactive and educational approach towards protecting trees, including trees on private properties, however this is a shared responsibility and there’s a clear set of local laws for landowners to comply with,” Mrs Mihovilovich said. 

“This recent prosecution demonstrates how seriously we take environmental protection, and we urge people to contact the City, check our website and obtain any relevant permissions before carrying out works."

Mayor Rhys Williams said the City was involved in numerous programs and initiatives under the Greening Mandurah Framework to uphold values around Mandurah’s unique environment. 

“Our community says that our special natural environment is one of their top priorities and something we should focus on preserving and celebrating,” Mayor Williams said. 

“Given the huge range of social and environmental benefits that trees and bushland areas provide, we remain committed to planning, planting, establishing, and maintaining trees within urban landscapes. 

“Not only do mature trees provide shade and improve the amenity of reserves, parks and residential areas, they are home to some threatened species including endangered black cockatoos and western ringtail possums. 

“We’ve got some great initiatives in place to preserve trees and bushland areas including the Bushland Buyback scheme, a Significant Tree Register and Tree Preservation Areas throughout the city.” 

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