Mandurah tops list of personal shark deterrent rebate claims

PIC: 9 News/Facebook

Ocean users in the Mandurah area have claimed the most number of personal shark deterrent rebates.

The State Government's world-first subsidy program began in May 2017 with the scientifically proven dive device, the Ocean Guardian Freedom7™.

The surf device, Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf™, was added to the scheme in May 2018 after scientific testing confirmed its effectiveness.

More than 3,700 Western Australian surfers and divers have purchased a personal shark deterrent through the world-first subsidy scheme, with 569 of those claimed by surfers.

Regional water users have scooped up about a third of all rebates claimed for both devices, with the majority living in the South West.

The top three locations for rebate claims for both devices are all locations south of the metropolitan area – Mandurah, Bunbury and Albany.

On the weekend, Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly launched a new campaign to encourage more surfers to purchase a personal shark deterrent.

The digital campaign will encourage more surfers to take up the $200 rebate for approved, scientifically proven personal shark deterrent devices. 

"While the risk of a shark attack in WA is low, history shows us that when an encounter does occur it predominately involves a surfer or diver," Minister Kelly said.

"That's why offering personal protection to those most at risk makes good Sea Sense."

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