Solving The Problem That EVERY Business Has!

After last week's exercise you will have uncovered what one or two things it was that you wanted to achieve, AND who the perfect customer was for it.

Now I know from experience that this is not an easy thing to do, so if you want to do it again - head back HERE to refresh or redo the exercise.

Now - let's start solving it!

What you will want to do - no matter what or how you you choose to do it - is to be where your prospective clients are, and be there enough to remind them about your offer, who you are, where you are, and how you can be contact.

So, for example: if you think that they are say 45-55 year old males, who are up early in the morning before they head to work, work all day while the sun shines and then, head to the pub before going home - then what medium should you use? Social Media? They don't appear to spend much time on that - TV - they might watch a bit of it on the weekend, or late at night. Newspaper? Well they might glance at the paper in the morning, so you have roughly 3-5 seconds to make an impression with your ad before they turn the page and never see it again...

Or... RADIO!

They wake up to it with their radio alarm, they listen to it while in the shower, and making breakfast. They listen to radio in the car on the way to their job, and listen while they work, including at lunch time, and after work on the way home again.

So if I was to reach this demographic - then radio would be where I would place my messages as they would hear them multiple times throughout the day.

But that's just one example... WARNING BLATANT SALES PITCH AHEAD!

Radio is a medium that reaches the greatest number of possible people in hundreds of demographic groups in our region alone, we have helped hundreds of companies achieve their goals through targeted branding campaigns, or call to action campaigns - radio combines the unparalleled reach of radio with the precision of digital marketing campaigns.


We know they are listening to us through ratings surveys - not 'distribution' data (ie: the number of papers produced), not 'likes' (only those people who can be bothered to press an extra button to give a thumbs up or down) or views (which most times is only 3-5 seconds and it is counted as a view).

We reach people more than any other medium, mainly in the Mandurah area, but also it's surrounds. We have listeners in Rockingham, Cockburn, Serpentine, Australind, Bunbury, Perth and more - we know this as people from these areas enter our competitions on a regular basis.

BUT: Our ratings for the Mandurah area alone show that a LOT of people here are also listening to us!

For example, in our recent March Survey (Xtra Insights Mandurah Survey #1 2022. P10+/P18-54. Mon-Sun 5.30-00.00/Mon-Fri 16.00-19.00. Station Listened To Most. %Cume Reach%), the NUMBER ONE listened to most breakfast show in the Mandurah area was on 97.3 Coast FM with Nikki & deMello with 24.7% of people aged 10+.

So, if your problem was that you wanted the phone to ring more - we can help you with a CALL TO ACTION campaign that can run during the "Nikki & deMello for Breakfast" show, and make it ring off the hook. With a commercial that does just that - make the phone ring!

If you wanted to get more bookings on your website - and you want to attract the 45+ audience, we have 91.7 The Wave, and we know that people aged between 45-50 listen mostly to Peter Jackson - and overall the Wave audience is between 45-59 years old - so that may be the perfect fit for your business and what you want to achieve. And the commercial would also reflect that information.

If you want to know more, talk to one of our reps and they can run you through the survey data and find the right fit for what you want, reaching your prospective new clients, on radio. Or check out our release on the day of the survey - HERE

Call (08) 9581 2666 today and talk to us about our surveys and your business - together we can help your business to succeed!

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