The Challenge That Every Business Faces Today!

Let's face it... These days, it's getting harder and harder than ever before for any business, no matter what size it is, to spread the word about their products and services.

You can try lots of different ways of doing it, if you've got the time yourself, by doing letter box drops, or spend hours online trying to spread the word via social media, oe you could pay to run a print ad in the local paper, or a local radio commercial, or a costly TV campaign.

But before you do anything you should stop.

Assess what it is that you actually want and need.

  • Are you only trying to drive foot traffic to your location?
  • Or are you looking to attract new staff? 
  • Are you trying to raise awareness of your business brand?
  • Drive more sales?
  • Shift products off the shelf?
  • Create bookings through your website?
  • Making the phone ring?

What exactly is it that you want to achieve?

Once you have established what it is you want, then you need to discover who it is you are trying to reach. That is - your target/perfect client.

To find this out you need to narrow down from what you have discovered above, who would be the perfect person to do what is required (this is your target demographic).

Now how do you reach them and tell them what it is you have and how to get it? Together we need to find a way to cut through the noise in peoples lives...

There are conflicting numbers and data out there, but this is what I remember from the times:

  • In the 70's it was thought that the average person would experience roughly 300-500 ads a day, on TV, in the paper, on radio,. billboards, etc.
  • In the 80's that was increased to around 1,000...
  • The 90's it jumped up to 3,000!
  • By the 2000's it was up again to almost 5,000 ads a day.
  • Now with social media, and our phones being in most peoples hands more than ever, it has been estimated that around 10,000 ads a day is what most people experience - I'll say that again 10,000 ads a day on average!

So how can we help your business?

Well before we do - you need to do a tiny little exercise for me... ready?

You need to establish for yourself, EXACTLY what it is you want to achieve (just like the bullet points above) and - choose one or two of these - no more, and try to find out who the perfect customer would be for those 2 choices.

Then meet me back here next week to find out how we can help!

See you then!

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