Best of the B4C for 2022

In January we ran one of the most read posts of the year - in fact people are still reading it. WHY CONVERSATION ADS ARE DEAD was a look at why you shouldn't attempt to have a conversation ad, unless it was genuine.

In February we covered many topics - but HOW TO READ A RADIO SCRIPT was the outstanding post of the month with many clients going back again and again to it, just making it squeeze into the top 10 posts.

Our 2022 Survey was the most popular post in March as we really showed with hard data 97.3 Coast FM beats 91.7 The Wave to the top as local stations gain and dominate in Mandurah - and it was almost our number one post for the year. You can read the breakdown of it in our new JUST THE FACTS document and post - HERE

April was the month of hot posts too with two of the posts for the month in the top 10. First (at #3 most popular post) we finally solved (or busted) an old motoring myth about using your car radio and fuel efficiency - read the post HERE and the original post that started it - HERE.

Secondly April had the 'radio coupon' post which generated quite a few conversations between many clients and myself - as well as being number 4 on our most popular posts for the year.

Next at number 6 in our most popular posts was one in June with people in other mediums actually telling their clients to read it (thanks to those clients for letting me know) - read it yourself - No Matter Where You Are Advertising... You're NOT Buying An Ad, You ARE Buying An Audience!

5 Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make in July was number 9 - as some clients went and made some subtle changes to their websites as a response - well done.

The top 10 Mistakes that Small Business's make in Advertising was number 5 on our list for most popular articles - its the longest read on our list - yet it was very popular.

Have You Got A Tag Line? was popular in August and at number 8 it was only 2 reads off jumping to number 7 on the list - but obviously it struck a chord with our readers

And at the opposite end of that - one of our shorter posts of the year about How You Perceive Your Ad was number 6 of the most read posts.

A few notable mentions that just missed out (probably because they have been up for less time, but their numbers are almost there in the top 10) were the 3 posts:

Remember Multi-Level Marketing Sales Letters?

Make Your Advertising More Effective - EASILY!

Use Radio To Find Your Next Superstar Staff Member

See you again next week.

Fuel Watch
  • 168.3: X Convenience Erskine
  • 190.9: Ampol Foodary Erskine
  • 190.9: Ampol Foodary Falcon (Miami Beach)
  • 191.9: EG Ampol Falcon
  • 199.7: Vibe Mandurah